American Title of Houston

We coordinate the interests of all parties to a real estate transaction including the buyer(s), seller(s), mortgage lender, and the real estate agents, to make sure all requirements for settlement are fully satisfied.  After the Sales Contract is ratified, it is sent to us to begin the title process.

Our first step is to research the title to the property through a Title Abstract Plant.  The Title Abstract Plant provides a history of the property and its ownership.  It will also identify any recorded liens, recorded defects or recorded encumbrances on title.

Most lenders require an approved drawing of the property, also referred to as a Survey.   American Title of Houston, once authorized, will order a survey.

The two most popular types of Title Insurance are:  Lenders, which is required by the mortgage company, and protects the lender’s investment in the property; and Owners, which may be purchased at settlement for the benefit of the new owner.  It is strongly recommended that all buyers receive an owner’s title insurance policy, which protects them against any unforeseen claims, hidden risks, or fraud against the property.  For more information on title insurance, please call us at 713.651.1996.

At Closing, copies of all documents will be given to all parties after signing.  We will take our time to make sure everyone is comfortable with the documents prior to signing.  After closing, we disburse all the monies collected at settlement.

Finally, we record and issue all title policies requested during the title process.

Call for an appointment, we look forward to working with you!